Our School Community
Lilydale District School is situated 30 kilometers from the center of Launceston and has an enrolment of over 360 students, from Kindergarten to Year 12. A Skill Centre operates from our nearby school farm and vineyard, offering nationally accredited Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, in Horticulture, Agriculture, Conservation and Land Management, and Rural Operations. Our Skill Centre has an enviable reputation for high quality service delivery and for flexible provision of courses. Students are able to negotiate a range of training options and work placements according to their needs.
The families of our students are involved in diverse occupations which include agriculture, forestry, the arts and service industries both in and around the Lilydale district and Launceston.
The school is divided into:
Each has a Sector Leader who is a member of the Leadership Team.  All classes are composite with the exception of Years 9 and 10. Primary students access our specialist secondary facilities: mini-modules, for subjects like:  Food Studies, Art, Drama, Music and Applied Technology and Design (ATD) and all secondary students select optional subjects in addition to their core subjects.
The school is very well provisioned with ICT resources, including interactive whiteboards and wireless netbooks for every student Years 7-10.
Students K-6 utilise networked, classroom based, computers, and regularly access the school’s computer lab.
Community partnerships are actively sought by the school to support extensive learning opportunities for our students and also to play our part in supporting our community. 
Principal and Assistant Principals
  • Principal:                        Rob Fleming
  • Assistant Principal:          Victoria Harrison
  • Assistant Principal RTB:   Alison Venter 

Sector Leaders

  • K-2         Bella Mitchell
  • 3-6         Erin Page
  • 7-10       Martin Binns
  • 11-12     Joh Muddle

School and Office Opening Hours

  • School opening hours:   8:50am - 3:00pm
  • School Office hours:      8:10am - 3:50pm
Supervision for students does not commence until after staff briefing at 8:30am and shortly after 3:00pm.  Therefore, students should not arrive at school prior to the commencement of supervision nor remain on school premises after supervision ceases.
Classrooms are usually open from 8:45am.  
Term dates for students in 2017
Term 1          Wednesday 8 February - Thursday 13 April
Term 2          Monday 1 May - Friday 7 July
Term 3          Monday 24 July - Friday 29 September
Term 4          Monday 16 October - Thursday 21 December                                           
Professional Learning Days (students not at school)

Monday 6 February

Tuesday 7 February

Thursday 13 April (Moderation Day K-10)

Monday 24 July

Friday 3 November