The wearing of school uniform is endorsed by the Lilydale District School Association Inc. and it is expected that all students will be in school uniform at all times.  The Kinder uniform consists of polo top, track pants and hat.  The school uniform offers a variety of choice.
Girls’ Uniform
Summer uniform of school material
White ankle socks
Tartan skirt of school material
Navy stockings
Plain navy track/fleecy pants - Kindergarten to Year 2 (available from the school)
Boys’ Uniform
Grey cargo trousers
Grey cargo shorts
White socks
Plain navy track/fleecy pants – Kindergarten to Year 2 (available from the school)
Unisex Tops
Polo top
Cotton shirt - white
Navy polo fleece jumper with school logo
Navy polo fleece jacket with school logo
School spray jacket
Black school shoes
Sneakers are to be worn for PE and sport only
Navy bucket hat with school logo
It is a requirement that students must wear a sun safe hat when outside during Terms 1 and 4.  A peaked cap is not part of the uniform.
House Tops - PE, Carnival Days, House Activities - Year 3-10
T-shirts in House Colours:
Maralinga - Red
Corinna - Royal Blue
Lilydale District School Uniform Shop is managed by Mrs Debbie Griggs and is open every Monday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.
If you have any queries please contact Debbie on 6395 0100.
*The wearing of uniform is essential for all special events which include - excursions, sport team representation and assemblies. The wearing of uniform not only supports security and ease of supervision of students it also reflects our identity, sense of community and the good name of the school.