Our Vision
Our vision is a statement of how our community would  like to describe our school
Our students are passionate about learning and show ongoing improvement in all aspects of their learning, including literacy and numeracy. They are resilient, optimistic about their future and clearly understand their strengths and where to focus their efforts for improvement.  Students have fun, inquire and learn confidently in a dynamic, safe and stimulating environment.
Our students and staff are respectful. They behave ethically and are socially and environmentally responsible. We are all creative, resourceful and empathetic. We are rigorous and enthusiastic in developing every person’s capacity to learn, question and challenge everyone to pursue deep levels of learning.  Data is collected and used to design and monitor personalised programs, and to develop the whole child across all aspects of school life.
We believe that the biggest influence on student success is the quality of teaching, so we direct most of our energy and resources to this. Staff work powerfully in teams, constantly learning and developing their skills. Our culture and structured feedback processes are based on evidence and respectful communication.  Our robust systems assist teachers to reflect critically on their teaching to continuously build their capacity.
We value everyone in our school community and build productive partnerships throughout the school and the broader communities beyond. Students are supported by strong student-staff-parent relationships based on listening, dialogue, openness and respect. Our school community has high expectations of students for both learning and positive behaviour.
Our leaders are committed to developing leadership qualities in everyone and consider this to be critical to achieving our vision. They care, are passionate and participate at every level of our school. There is positive interaction between school leaders, staff and all students. Our leaders have a clear knowledge of what is happening in classrooms and respect all staff. They nurture the continuing professional growth of all staff.
We value learning as a life-long process and celebrate it in all its forms, along with the successes of both students and staff. We share a clear, common goal: the best educational outcomes possible for each child.

Core Values

Our Core Values are embedded in our vision. As educators, we endeavour ‘to be our best’ by:
      showing respect and care for everyone and our environment
        having consistent and high expectations of teaching, learning and behaviour
      knowing our children and providing a safe and supportive environment

These first three are linked directly to our 3Bs of student behaviour:

°        be respectful
°        be a learner
°        be safe

        developing a growth mindset and unconditional positive regard
        engaging in collaborative, team-based planning and learning
        trusting each other and taking collective responsibility
        developing school-wide approaches to curriculum and pedagogy
        personalising learning for every student
        valuing every interaction with students, parents and colleagues as a learning oppurtunity


                                                                                                                                                                  Dec 2012