Opportunities For Students

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Sector: Kinder to Year 2

Launching into Learning (LiL)

Launching into Learning (LiL) is a school based program for families with children from birth to 4 years of age. Our programs operate in a relaxed and supporting learning environment. Together there will be regular opportunities to meet and socialise with other children and adults, listen to stories, explore and learn new skills, play games, sing and dance with the support of the LiL teacher and the school. Siblings are most welcome.
Research shows that participation in Launching into Learning programs boosts children’s learning in the formal years.

LiL 2
Lilydale Busy Bees


In 2023 Lilydale District School will be offering Kindergarten 3 days per week. Kindergarten students will attend three full days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Prep students attend school fulltime from the beginning of the year.

Primary Sector: Years 3-6


Classes in Years 3-6 are made up of composite groupings based on the educational needs of individual children.

Year 3-6 Mini Modules

Mini Modules allow students to participate in ‘specialist’ courses. As a district school we have the expertise and skills of specialist teachers as well as specialist facilities. Modules allow students to:

  • participate in a well-rounded curriculum
  • get a ‘taste’ of subjects not usually offered until Year 7
  • develop skills and knowledge in specialist areas
  • work in concentrated blocks in these learning areas

Senior Sector: Years 7-10

Years 7-10 Futures

Students in Years 7-10 participate in a range of optional subjects, of their choosing from, Food Studies, Drama, Music, Sport Science, Agriculture, Art, Applied Technology and Design, Maths and Science for College, Science and Technology, Creative Writing etc. For 7-8 students these are half yearly and for 9-10 students they run for the full year.


All Year 9 and 10 students sit a series of exams in the final weeks of Term 4. This is used as an assessment tool, and also ensures students have practical experience of exam conditions before they face the “real thing” or during further education.

Senior Sector: Years 11-12

Lilydale has a long and well-established history of delivering high quality VET courses to students from across this region. We now have the added bonus of being able to offer traditional VET courses in Agriculture and Horticulture as well as TASC subjects, aimed at ensuring all our students have the ability to attain their TCE after two years with us if studying full-time.

We are proud of the strong relationships we have developed with Launceston and Newstead Colleges. These partnerships offer students the flexibility of studying at either college and joining us for two days per week for an intensive introduction to the Agriculture and Horticulture industries. We are blessed with high quality facilities and well-trained, industry-linked staff that have a deep understanding of the requirements of both qualifications. We have on-site access to a working vineyard, greenhouses, equestrian centre and cattle handling facilities that enable students to gain hands on experience whilst working alongside fully qualified staff to ensure credible, industry recognised qualifications at the end of your time with us.

Please click on the link below to access out current course guide.

Click here to download the current Course Guide.

Houses and School Sports

Sport Houses

Students from Prep to Year 10 are allocated to one of two houses, both of which promote the ideals of teamwork, demonstrating commitment in sporting and other activities, and fostering friendly competition. Family members are placed in the same houses if requested.

red house
blue house

School Sports

Three major sporting events are organised each year: Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletic Carnivals. All students are encouraged to participate.
Year 5 and 6 students compete in the Tamar Primary Schools Sports Association roster in school hours, playing against Port Dalrymple, South George Town, Beaconsfield, Exeter and Star of the Sea, in football, netball, soccer and hockey.
Years 7-10 students are involved in the North East Cup sports roster throughout the year.
Parents interested in assisting with sports teams are encouraged to contact the school.
In addition to our regular Health and Wellbeing program we offer an array of sporting options outside regular school hours. These may include Milo Cricket, Net-Set-Go, AFL in Schools and a senior basketball roster.

Daily PE

Prep-Year 6 classes participate in Daily PE every morning from 8:50am-9:00am. Year 6 leaders run the activities and rotate the classes they lead each week.  Activities include skipping, interactive games, obstacle course, fitness equipment, relays and tag.  Activities are changed on a weekly basis. Over the colder months classes practice dances in classrooms in preparation for the schools Dance Event. All students enjoy the opportunity to start the day in a fun and physical way.

Support Services

Support Services are accessed through referral by sector leaders. Our Support Services team includes Speech and Language Pathologist, School Psychologist and Social Worker.

School Psychologist:

Works at our school three days per fortnight. Their role is to assist with assessing children’s needs and provides specialised programs as required.

Social Worker:

Works at our school three days per fortnight and provides support and guidance for students and their families.

Speech & Language Pathologist:

Works at the school one day per week for the first half of the term, and 2 days per week during the second half of term. The role of the Speech & Language Pathologist is to carry out assessments and screenings and provide specialised support for any students with language difficulties.

School Health Nurse:

Works at the school five days per fortnight. Their role is to promote good health and wellbeing and carry out vision and hearing checks.