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Please note: NE Cup venue for tomorrow's games (Years 7-10) has been from Brooks High School to Scottsdale High School. The sporting grounds at Brooks are very wet and boggy.
Buses will depart Lilydale at 9:00am. Please ensure students have appropriate footwear and gear for their relevant games. The addition of a towel may be a good idea...

Parent/Teacher Appointments

Parent/Teacher Appointment Bookings
Bookings are now open and available for appointments.
Please note: when making your appointment for the individual student. There are two fields in which you can put their first name, it is a little confusing as the first field reads "First Name" and the second field reads "Given Name", the second field is not for their second/middle name. Please only use one field or the other for your childs name. (See below).
Thank you.

2019 Mid Year Student Reports

2019 Mid-Year Student Reports

Parent/Teacher interviews will be held for all students and reports will be shared and discussed at this meeting. Each appointment time will be 15 minutes and parents/guardians are asked to be at the office 15 minutes before their appointment time, to allow time to read your child’s report if collecting on the day. Once an appointment has been made you will be able to collect your child’s report from the 29th of July from the school office.

As advised in the newsletter Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday, 30 July 3:20pm to 5:00pm
Wednesday, 31 July 3:20pm to 5:00pm
Thursday, 1 August 3:20pm to 7:00pm
Monday, 5 August 3:20pm to 7:00pm

Appointment times need to be booked online from the last week of Term 2 (Monday, 1 July) via this link below:

For those families who do not have internet access, please call the school office to arrange an interview time.

All students have received a letter today regarding the above information (except for Kindergarten).

Possible Gastro Bug

Possible Gastro Bug
There seems to be an unusual amount of a gastro bug doing the rounds at the moment.
Please, if your child has gastro like symptoms (complains of sore tummy), keep them home until symptoms subside.
If they have vomited or had diarrhoea, they need to be symptom free for at least 24 hours before attending school again.
Thank you for your understanding leading into holidays.